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Panorama of glacier Perito Moreno in Pat


Fear Not!


the other side of the debate:


The science is NOT settled

Surveys of scientists have shown only 52% or less believe humans cause climate change (1). See this footnote for an explanation of how the myth of a 97% scientific consensus came about (2).

Many scientists disagree that CO2 (which is only 0.04% of the atmosphere) has caused the mild warming over the past 100 years. This warming has been well within the natural variation over past millennia (3).

Sea Levels, Glaciers, The Great Barrier Reef

Scientists dispute that sea level changes are due to CO2 (4) and that all glaciers are melting. Some glaciers are increasing (5), and seismic events explain some of the melting (6). Research shows no evidence of an increase in severe weather events (7) and that the Great Barrier Reef is not being destroyed by rising CO2 (8).










More Useful Links

Download the brochure, upload to Vistaprint and print 25, 50 or more:

Click on the PDF image below and save to a location on your computer.

Then click on this link:

Choose marketing materials then brochures.

Select tri-fold, DL size and premium thickness and glossy.

Press the 'start designing' button then select 'upload it' and under Images select 'my computer'.

Click on the PDF file you saved and after it uploads both pages should appear in Recent Images.

Drag the page with 'Climate Change - Fear Not!' onto the design. This should be the outside page.

Then click the 'inside' button below and also in 'selected reverse side printing' just above the design, select 'full colour.' Now drag the other page onto the design.

You can then click the 'preview' button. Don't worry if the pages seem to be folded the wrong way, provided you've correctly followed the steps above.

You can now go ahead and order the desired quantity.










The Heartland Institute

About the petition signed by thousands of scientists disputing human-induced warming.

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels by Alex Epstein

Climate Change: The Facts 2017 edited by Dr. Jennifer Marohasy. See also her blog.

The Carbon Sense Coalition










Climate change: What We Do
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